The impact of influence on social media measurement

Guest blog post by Sam Fiorella, Chief Strategy Sensei, Sensei Marketing Analysts love metrics. Specifically, metrics that can be easily selected, tracked and added, which when aggregated provide the raw data resources to create benchmarks…

What Facebook messages means for marketers

Guest blog post by David Daniels, CEO, The Relevancy Group LLC The introduction of Facebook Messages promises to deliver true inbox message convergence. That is, Facebook users will be able to receive traditional Facebook Messages,…

Virtual Ethnography: Bridging the Gap between Market Research and Social Media

John Song

Customers do not live their entire lives offline and products do not exist exclusively offline. With exponential growth in the volume of conversations happening online, how do we provide actionable insights from all this data? Enter virtual ethnography. Virtual ethnography is a research methodology that explores culture online through listening and experiencing.

Changing Role of a Brand Manager

Changing Role of a Brand Manager

Guest Blog Post by Hareesh Tibrewala, Joint CEO, Social Wavelength. Once upon a time, not so long ago, brand managers sat in ivory towers and commanded ad agencies at their disposal to go forth and…

Digital Crisis Communication: Avoiding a PR Disastersocia

Valeria Maltoni

Guest Blog Post by Valeria Maltoni, Director of Strategy, Powered, Inc. Who’s afraid of a crisis in social media? We live in a world where news is discussed and disseminated with increased speed